Just some personal trivia

Published on 18.05.2021
Password fields with different lengths
Don't encrypt user passwords in reversible ways
But when you do, don't get caught

Password fields with different content length are a red flag, because the passwords are probably encrypted in a reversible way.

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Published on 09.04.2021
My Dante Pro Lab certificate - fancy artwork
Hack The Box Dante ProLab
A short review

Dante is a so called Pro Lab on Hack The Box. Asking yourself whether it is the right choice for you? Maybe this little review gives you a hint.

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Published on 22.03.2021
Unison text binary in action
Static unison binaries
For 64bit linux and ARM

Unison is a file synchronizer. To sync two machines, you need binaries with certain versions matching. Take a look for static text binaries for 64bit Linux and ARM (e.g. a Synology NAS).

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